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This is a beautiful piece of art! It had a big effect on me and I can definitely see which feelings you wanted to bring across. You por...

by Starbat

This is a very well made piece of art. Their descriptions are very detailed but still compact, and you gave us a good insight of in wha...

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Happy Birthday, Moonmute! by FrancistheDragon Happy Birthday, Moonmute! :iconfrancisthedragon:FrancistheDragon 4 2 Bullfinch Couple by FrancistheDragon Bullfinch Couple :iconfrancisthedragon:FrancistheDragon 4 0 Bullfinch Couple by FrancistheDragon Bullfinch Couple :iconfrancisthedragon:FrancistheDragon 6 4 Chibi-Tubers by FrancistheDragon Chibi-Tubers :iconfrancisthedragon:FrancistheDragon 6 14 Art Trade: Terra by FrancistheDragon Art Trade: Terra :iconfrancisthedragon:FrancistheDragon 7 4
A New Power - Chapter nine
The threat called the moon
He could clearly feel his brother’s only thoughts smashing their way through his brain. He wanted to shut them out, but they were too strong.
With a giant effort, he finally managed to free himself out of his brother’s mind. Again, he was in his room, but he couldn’t relax yet. Chris was still in his wolf form and it was obvious that he couldn’t control himself.
Martin didn’t know what was going on, but he knew he somehow had to make the predator unable to move until Aviva could figure out how to turn him back.
While he was distracted by thinking of what to do, the wolf leaped forward, tackled him to the ground and tried to bite his throat, missing it by only a couple of inches. Martin desperately tried to get free, but the animal crushed him with its weight.
He struggled under the heavy body that slowly but steadily pressed the air out of his lungs. He knew he had to think of something quick
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A New Power - Chapter eight
The Werewolf
With Martin:
I opened my eyes, only to close them again. The room wasn't bright, but it was enough to make my head hurt. After some time, I managed to hold them open for a longer time. And that's when I noticed someone sleeping next to my bed.
My vision was all blurry and first, I couldn't see the person very clearly. I narrowed my eyes and finally, I could recognize her.
But instantly, my brain said that it was not possible. He died two months ago, he couldn't be here. Then, I remembered what the angel had said when I was on the verge of death myself: 'Don't look for your brother among the dead. Look for him amongst the living.'
Now, I finally understood what he said. Somehow, Chris had managed to survive the attack!
“Chr...Chris?” My throat was as dry as the desert, but I managed to talk.
Slowly, he woke up and rubbed his eyes.
“Martin! You're OK!” he cheered, hugging me. “I thought you were going to die.”
“Same for you, buddy.
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A New Power - Chapter seven
He breathed hard, looking down on his opponent who was lying motionless at his feet, blood coming out of a deep wound in his belly. He was also covered in blood himself, it was sticking to his fur and the scent filled his nose and mouth. He almost wanted to throw up, so he walked away.
But then, he noticed something else on the ground. It was blood, too, but it didn't come from him or his opponent.
He lifted his head, only to see a blue shape in the grass. He quickly rushed over, but then he wished he didn't.
In front of him laid Martin, with a deep wound in his throat.
Panicked, he stepped backwards. 'No! He can't be dead, he just can't!' he thought. And then, he felt it again.
A strange presence in his head. It tried to escape some sort of prison, and the walls were weakening. From that cell in his mind came all these pictures he saw and information he got. For his entire life it had been there, but he couldn't access it by himself.
But then, it finally broke. The wall that sep
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A new power - cover by FrancistheDragon A new power - cover :iconfrancisthedragon:FrancistheDragon 5 2
A new power - Chapter Six
The next morning, Jimmy was the first one to wake up.
He went to check on the wolf, but it wasn't there! So, he ran around the Tortuga, looking for it. He searched through every room, apart from Martin's.
But when he didn't find it in the other rooms, he carefully opened the door to the last room where he would believe the animal was. He peeked inside, and saw the wolf sleeping in a nest made of pull-overs and sheets that belonged to Martin.
Panicked that Martin would wake up and notice the creature in his room, Jimmy tried to drag it out of the room, when he suddenly heard a groan. Martin just woke up!
Jimmy froze, scared of the brother's reaction, but he just smiled.
"It's OK. I allowed Stonebreaker to sleep in my room tonight, I wanted to excuse myself for everything I did and said." But before he could go on, the red-haired man fainted.
"Hey Jimmy, wake up! I must have shocked him. Was I that mean to them?" Martin asked Stonebreaker, who has just got up from his nest.
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A new power - Chapter five
My worst enemy
"Come on, Martin. We have to save him!"
But he didn't move. He just looked at the wolf, pure hatred in his eyes.
"Martin! If we don't save him now, he will fall along with the cliff and die!"
Martin still didn't say anything. But, finally, he opened his mouth.
"I won't." he said, and crossed his arms, still looking at the poor, helpless creature with his ice cold eyes. "Did you forget that it was a WOLF that killed Chris? And I won't save a murderer."
"But Martin, be reasonable! Even if a wolf pack killed him, it surely wasn't that special wolf, so please, help me to save him! He is too heavy for me to carry alone." Aviva begged.
"Aviva? I changed my mind about wolves. Even if it was not that one, he is part of a species that would kill even other members of their family without a second thought. And creatures like that don't deserve to be saved." He said, turning around and walking away.
Aviva knew that there was only one way to make him change his mind. If that didn't,
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A new power - Chapter Four
Creature adventuring
Some hours later, they landed in the dry grasslands of Brazil, the Cerrado. As soon as they touched the ground, the door opened and Martin ran outside.
"Come on, Aviva! We have to start your training and we don't have much time. And don't forget your CPS and your Power Discs. But you'll only need the animals that are living here."
"Yeah, yeah I'm coming! I only have to put on my gloves…finished." She said, following him to a big rock.
"OK, first, we have to find an animal of the grasslands here. But because we didn't come here very often, I think we don't have the Discs that are exactly right, so we'll have to try to activate with only a relative of the animals."
"Is that even possible? I mean, the Discs have to be activated with the DNA that is already programmed on it, and I don't know what will happen if you activate with another kind of DNA." She replied, crossing her arms in front of her chest.
"Yeah, but I know." Martin answered, looking smug. "It works
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A new power - Chapter Three
Everything is different
When they went down into the main hall again, Koki and Jimmy already waited for them.
"Hey, did you find a solution for our…he-hey!" Jimmy stopped at once, pushed Koki with his elbow and started to giggle. Koki looked at them, instantly making a cute face.
Confused, Martin and Aviva looked at each other. Then they noticed they were holding hands. They quickly let go of each other, blushing.
"I suppose you feel better, Martin." Koki said with a mischievous smile on her face.
"Heheh…yeah. Kinda." he answered, rubbing his neck, looking embarrassed.
"Well, I wondered when you two would finally get together." she stated.
"What? You knew it? Aviva cried out.
"Yeah. I'm surprised you two didn't notice each other's feelings, especially you Aviva. He was almost staring at you for, like, all the time." Koki answered.
"Wait. I definitely wasn't staring at her!" Martin tried to defend himself, but stopped when he saw a 'do-you-really-think-we'll-believe-that'-lo
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A new power - Chapter Two - We have to go on
We have to go on
Martin ran through the forest. He wanted to go back and help Chris, but he knew his brother was right. Even with wolf powers, they couldn't defeat a whole pack. And both of them would have been killed if he had stayed.
But still, he couldn't just leave his brother behind, even if Chris wouldn't forgive him that he ignored his order: to save himself, so he could carry on with their mission and be with Aviva.
Martin just didn't know what to do. On one side was his brother he had to take care of, but on the other side was the crew, their feelings and their mission they devoted their lives to, so they could complete it. And if he didn't choose the crew and the mission, his brother would hate him, at least for the short rest of their lives.
At last, Martin made his decision. With a heavy heart he turned around and ran back to the Tortuga. He had to fulfil Chris' last wish and carry on living with the crew, saving creatures. His brother sacrificed himself to save him, so tha
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A new power - Chapter One
My last thought
Chris' POV:
It all started on the day we wanted to visit little Howler. We came to his cave, and he was still there, playing with his siblings. I patted him on the head. "Hey, little Howler! How are you doing?" At the same time, my brother Martin looked around.
"Where is your family?" he asked.
"They're probably out hunting", I answered. "Let's activate, so we can play with them". I looked for my wolf disc, put it in the reader, touched little Howler and pressed the activation button on my suit. Martin did the same with his. After a bright green and blue light we were morphed into wolves, and started playing tag with the cubs.
Half an hour later, we were all exhausted and were resting against the stone wall.
"I think we should go back now." I suggested. "It's getting late."
"Nah. I don't wanna. I'm too tired now." Martin replied. But suddenly, we heard footsteps of many animals.
"Martin, I think it's little Howlers pack. We really shoul
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Happy Birthday, Moonmute!
(Late) Birthday gift for :iconmoonmute:

I'm so, so sorry that this is late, I just really wanted to make something for you because you're always so nice to me! Plus, I've had this idea in my head since the beginning of June, I just couldn't get to it on time. I hope you like it!

(I forgot his glasses...*bangs head against wall*)

This is my first completely digital piece! No lineart, just a small reference sketch lying next to me that I looked at once in a while.
Bullfinch Couple
Hi guys! These are a couple of bullfinches that live in our backyard. So when I saw the information for Pride Months I knew I had to draw them! I think they go pretty well with the "Life" theme, since birds pretty much are the most lively animals out there.

I really hope you like this image! This is the first thing I have ever finished with GIMP, because I'm new to it and kind of learning as I go. So if you have any advice or improvement ideas please tell me!

This was a traditional lineart I drew and then retraced and coloured with GIMP.
Layers: 11 (10 without the lineart)
So, these are my favourite Youtubers, or at least the ones I enjoy watching the most. I'm sorry for the bad quality, I'll try to remake that picture digitally when I have the time to.

I wanted to draw them with their mascots. From the far left: SepticSam, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Tiny Box Tim, Peepachu, MatPat and Natewantstobattle. He looks a bit sad and annoyed because I didn't give him a mascot, but I figured that his Masterball didn't fit in with the others. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

So, this is just a first design I did for them. I have a few ideas in my head for other pictures and perhaps small comics with them which I'll do as soon as I have the time to. If there's anything you have in mind, I'm always open for suggestions.

Links to their channels:
This is a beautiful piece of art! It had a big effect on me and I can definitely see which feelings you wanted to bring across. You portrayed his desperation and sadness for losing his brother, but also his determination for wanting to beat you really well.

The technique you used, with merging "hard" and "soft" shadows, add a new layer to this piece, and I really like how his head is completely surrounded by his hood and scarf, almost as if he was being protected by them, thus protected by his brother. But that is what his last words almost imply: that his brother's spirit will be there to guide him.

Lastly, I love the effect in his eye. The shines at the end of the glowing trail almost look like tears, it's like his anger and determination are replacing his sadness to make him stronger and able to beat the player.

I only gave you four stars on originality because so many people have already drawn that scene. It doesn't make your art any less beautiful, it's just that me, personally, I've already seen sans with the scarf so many times already.

Overall, I really enjoy this wonderful picture and I hope that you will keep up the good work!

Best wishes

P.S.: Grüße aus'm Ruhrgebiet.
You suffering cyberbullying or getting a lot of haters around you (yup, there's a lot of them around this place), or if you know someone who was/is being a victim of this, fear not!

With this meme, list the top 10 characters that would be the best to comfort you/would help you fight back/inspire you to keep going!

Any fandom is allowed! Just don't use all characters of one, at most two characters per fandom/series.

10. Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail)

Wendy marvell by FrancistheDragon…

9. Tom (Tom und das Erdbeermarmeladebrot mit Honig)

Tom und das Brot by FrancistheDragon…

8. Averell Dalton (Lucky Luke)

Averell by FrancistheDragon…

7. Monster Kid (Undertale)

Monster kid by FrancistheDragon…

6. Barbidou (Barbapapa)

Barbidou by FrancistheDragon…

5. Matthew Patrick (The Game Theorists)

MatPat by FrancistheDragon…

4. Spike (My Little Pony)

Spike by FrancistheDragon…

3. Martin Kratt (Wild Kratts)

Martin Kratt by FrancistheDragon…

2. Mark Fishbach (Markiplier)

Markiplier by FrancistheDragon…

1. Seàn McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye)

Jacksepticeye by FrancistheDragon…

Then, tag 10 friends and let's all create our Anti-Hater Squads!

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