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A new power - cover by FrancistheDragon A new power - cover by FrancistheDragon
Made with DeviantArt muro
The cover of my first fanfiction: A new power.

Summary: "What if one of the Kratts disappeared? How would the other one go on? And what if the other one came back, bearing a new, but strange power?" Koki asked. "But most importantly, what kind of adventures will we have now?"

This is my first real attempt at drawing something on my computer. I used my mouse, so it took me ages to complete. What do you think? If you have any ideas how I could improve, please tell me in the comments! (The story is better than the summary.)
violetice Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
You used a mouse for this? Major props to you! I can believe this took a long time, especially with the amount of detail you put into it! Well done :)
Since you asked in the description for some improvement ideas - I think the blades of grass in front of the characters could be thinner and maybe longer too. Also grass will usually cluster a bit more randomly than just groups of 2 or 3 blades of grass.
I like the glowing eyes in the background, but you could make some of the eyes less bright than the others to give a sense of depth.
The shadows on the grass look good but there should be some shadow cast on the human from the wolf standing over it.
Kind of minor suggestions but sometimes the small details can make a lot of difference. Hope this helps!
FrancistheDragon Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, thank you so much for the long comment and for taking time out of your day for helping me improve! 
In what concerns the shadows on Martin (the human), they are there, you just can't really see them. I figured I should have done more to make them more clear, but thanks for pointing it out! I'll remember it when drawing again.
For the grass, I mainly did the blades that way because I would be able to shade them with the mouse, but I also wasn't really satisfied with how they turned out. Same with the outline of the wolf that you can still see because DA muro can't remember colours...
Instead of the eyes I actually wanted to draw the entire animals, but since I did the original lineart traditionally and forgot about them I just had to improvise. 
Anyway, I'm really grateful for your help! I'm not drawing that often so I won't be able to improve really quickly, but it's nice people like you who can help me and others! Have a nice dayHeart 
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